Nature Photography is the bedrock of all my work.

Mia Bosna

Photographer & Illustrator

The first time I stopped along the side of the road to look at tire fragments, I was surprised to find objects that were more organic looking than man-made. The explosion of the tire created rips and tears throughout a network of steel belted radials and engineer-designed treads, ending with a perfectly artistic expression.
At the time, this felt very symbolic of what I was personally going through with a chronic Lyme condition. Everything was transformed in this health crisis explosion where I too was no longer functioning in my original manufactured configuration.

It seemed that many new experiences were being filtered through this health crisis funnel, including a Zen Calligraphy class. This is where I was introduced to the concept of painting from the "empty mind".

I applied this to the tires that also went through a process that paralleled the "empty mind" state during the explosion. I started to see the explosion of my former life now as a transformation verses a total destruction. The tire fragments were now the symbolic language of the transformation.

Each image is an expression of evolving, representing one moment in time. This evolution has it's own language and each fragment is one sentence of this language. Oddly enough, they resemble many other symbols that are used for language, which is why I initially connected with them. They touched on the known and unknown all at the same time. As both the Calligrapher and Photographer, I am documenting one moment in time in a personal evolution.