Mia Bosna

All of my work shares the combined elements of nature and man-made objects to convey the human condition. My approach draws primarily on repurposing and experimenting with a new visual vocabulary of exploded tires and tree bark. I am influenced by the traditions of printmaking, painting, photography, Zen calligraphy, Buddhist, and animism.

There are many layers and several different digital techniques used to create these images. For some of the tires, the colors are inverted, duplicated, sometimes overlapped and sandwiched into a single image and then further refined by hand using with a brush on a digital tablet.

The transformations of the exploded tire fragments make them a compelling abstract language to express human emotions. I experience them as the "calligraphy of the explosion", acting as a kind of documentation and expression of the event. Experimentation with the textural and expressive aspects of both the tires and tree bark lend themselves to the creative process.