Just as a woodworker takes a section of a tree and shapes it on a lathe, these objects and organic plant materials have been photographed and then shaped by a digital tool. Through this process, their outer world and inner structures are crystalized to become the embodiment of the original expression.

Our mind always follows the breath. This is how we are wired. As an artist who has worked in watercolors for many years, it is interesting to sense the breath in the art of those who are painting the Japanese Ensō. There is nowhere to hide in that moment when the brush hits the paper and then the exhale that reveals the practice of the maker. Even though my process is a radical departure from this ancient practice, I am keenly aware of each piece retaining a feeling of breath and to some degree, a brushstroke.

I am combining my experience as an artist and designer with the gleanings of the Ensō to inspire a love for this perfectly imperfect world.